Performing in Front of My Friends and Family!

Couple of weeks ago I finally had my long awaited performance of Off the Curtain in southern California where most of my family members and many of my friends live. They have been complaining for a long time as to why I had not arranged a performance in southern California and last month, with the help of Samuel Jordan center for Persian studies in UC Irvine, I was finally able to make their wish come true! It is always great to have your loved ones in the audience but for this play it was extra special since I talk about some of my family members during my performance.  It was an amazing experience having the people I talk about in my play, present in the room! My brother, my little cousin and my aunt.

It was also special to be a guest in the university from which I received both my MA and BA!

The venue, which was basically a big classroom, worked well enough but had its share of problems as well. The main problem was that since the stage was not raised, and neither were the audience seats, people in the back had difficulty seeing me whenever I lowered myself to the ground. The good thing, however, was that I knew about this fact ahead of time and thus had modified my movements, as much as I could, in order to give everyone the best view possible.

For me each performance is unique and especial, however, I believe that the one in Irvine will remain with me for a very long time!

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