Performance in Budapest

Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to perform “Off the Curtain” in Örökmozgó Filmmúzeum in Budapest for a wonderful group of spectators.

I was happy with my performance but I am the first person to admit that I could have done a much better job if I could have familiarized myself with the space prior to my performance. Unfortunately, however, I was given access to the space only 45 minutes before the show started and more than half of that time was spent making sure that everything is its proper place and functioning. I spent the remaining 20 minutes familiarize myself with space and making small, yet necessary, changes to my piece in order to help it better fit the space provided. Thankfully, however, no major changes were necessary and while the space was a little too big, or too long I should say since it was rectangular shaped, I was provided with a microphone and thus everyone were able to hear me properly.

I was so moved and humbled by the comments of appreciation that I received after the performance and I am so glad I was able to take my piece and share it with this group of people in Budapest.

But even more satisfying that the comments, was the enthusiasm that people had for the banner. So many of the spectators actually took the time, after the performance, to come up front and observe my banner and many of them asked questions about the images on the banner. It was the best proof that they had been paying attention, that the performance was thought provoking. I had never seen this much interest in the banner since my performance in Isle of Wight, last August, where a few of the audience member, mostly children I should add, came up front after the performance and started carefully observing the banner. My banner is the center piece of my performance, the most important prop, and thus it is always a great sign when people show interest in it!


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