Performance in Berlin

Last week, I had the honor of performing “Off the Curtain” in INSTITUT FÜR IRANISTIK in FU Berlin. The performance was arranged rather suddenly, only a week in advance, and thus I had only few days to practice, familiarize myself with the Venue, and revisit the material.  In spite of these little “problems” the performance went very well as the venue was in fact quite suitable for what I had in mind.

The Student Lounge, where I performed “Off the Curtain,” had a very relaxed and laid-back setup and environment. Furnished with few couches, bean bags, and little side tables, the room worked perfectly for what I had in mind for the Performance. In addition, this time around, my performance was accompanied by tea and sweets! This was the perfect addition which I think helped a lot with creating a relaxed and cozy environment that is needed for this type of theater. In fact, I think in this my most recent performance, I finally managed to recreate the environment that this piece is meant to be performed in!

Some of my previous performances, especially the one in Isle of Wight, were performed in very nice, scenic, and cozy venues; however, none of them ever felt completely right. For one thing, in all my pervious performances, the audience members were seating in regular theater seats facing the stage. In this recent performance, however, people were sitting very casually all over the room, some of them on the floor, and were drinking tea and eating sweets while listening to the story!

I had a great time and from the looks of it so did the spectators! As always, plenty of great feedbacks and lots of encouraging words!

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