Press Release for “Off the Curtain”

Off the Curtain

 The Tragedy of Rostam and Sohrab

East meets west in a one-woman show that brings ancient stories to modern audience


After performances in London, Ventnor Fringe, and San Francisco, Off the Curtain: the Tragedy of Rostam and Sahrab is landing in Edinburgh for 9 nights of mesmerizing, emotional, and touching performance. This mix of old and new, the epic and the personal story, entertains and at the same time touches you, making you wish that heroes weren’t so dense and think about why we love stories so much.

Off the Curtainamalgamates acting, narrating and personal storytelling with innovative, albeit minimal, stage preparation, presenting a new style of interaction with the audience. The story within the story, the tale of an ancient hero and his warrior son, forms the background against which the emotions of one person become the feelings of all; a story of growing up, both for the narrator and for the hero, blurring the line of tragedy between the story and storyteller. As the epic unfolds, so does the journey of the modern day artist and her relationship with the story.

Off the Curtain is a one woman show developed, designed, and performed by Sara Mashayekh

Venue: SpaceCabaret @ 54                                        Tickets:  £7 (£5 concs)

Dates: 1-9 August 2014                                              Venue Box Office: 0131 510 2387

Time: 17:50 (ends 18:40)                                   



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