Revisiting Off the Curtain!

I had a very interesting and informative session with my dear friends and colleagues. I performed “Off the Curtain,” in my own living room, for a few of my colleagues who were kind enough to agree to come and watch me in order to give me their feedback. It was part of my preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I received some very good feedback and the interesting thing was that each feedback was quite unique! Apparently there are no major weaknesses but variety of different “little things” that I need to work on!

Performing the piece in my living room was much more interesting, and much less challenging, that I had envisioned! The space was big enough but of course certain pieces of furniture were on the way, even after I redecorate the half of the room! Yet, I managed to comfortably move around. It also made me feel very much connected to what this style of entertainment is meant to be, a flexible style of performing and narrating a story suitable for any location be it a roadside stop, a coffee shop, or a mosque.

All in all it was a wonderful, informative and most importantly a helpful experience!

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